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Being stubborn has never looked so good.

Introducing Stubbornly Optimistic – a community pride movement. It’s a conversation starter to get people to think, talk and share more of everything that’s positive in the Fond du Lac area. It reflects a feeling that is not expressed often enough or easily spread, but needs to be.

Wear your pride

Tell others you will not give up on the future of Fond du Lac. “Stubbornly Optimistic” is about not following the naysayers. Show your confident tenacity. Be part of what makes Fond du Lac great.

Proceeds will support existing community initiatives fostering pride for Fond du Lac – as well as the development of additional #stubbornlyoptimistic swag! Thanks for spreading the movement!

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#StubbornlyOptimistic Buzz

Check out all the local stories & conversations of individuals full of community pride. Make sure to use #StubbornlyOptimistic to share your story with others on @PositivelyFondduLac and more!